Cyprus Cats in need of a home

We re-home Nicosia's Stray Cats into loving forever homes

Every cat is unique

Every cat has a different character. We try to describe those unique personality traits to our best abilities so you can find the perfect cat for you and your home.

Full transparency

We will keep you updated about every single step of the adoption process, as well as providing you with invoices and payment confirmations.

Forms and Documents

All necessary forms and documents will be provided and issued by us.

Happy Ends

"We absolutely love Margie and couldn't imagne a life without her anymore."



"Mogli was instantly at home. He's the king of the house now."

Angela and Hubert


Urgent fundraiser!

Although we try to provide our colony cats with the best care possible, they're still living outside, in a public park.

While adult cats usually handle living outside ok (provided they're healthy, vaccinated, have shelter, food and water) kittens are far more vulnerable and the outdoors is a dangerous place for them.

We try to rehome as many kittens as possible and have found out, that adoption overseas is the most rewarding solution due to the higher demand of kittens for adoption overseas.

We have recently partnered up with a private foster in the UK who takes in kittens from us and then rehomes them locally within the country.

The only downside to this is that we have to come up with the funds for the kittens travelling to the UK.

That's why we've created this fundraiser to help cover the costs for our next group of kittens that need to be rescued from the park.

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