All of our cats

The process of adoption

If you're interested in adopting one or more of our cats we kindly ask you to fill in this questionnaire and hit the send button.

We'll receive your filled-in questionnaire via e-mail and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Virtual Home-Check

After you had sent us the questionnaire we would like to get to know you and your surroundings better by scheduling a video call.

For this you will need any sort of web-enabled device with a camera and microphone with which you'll virtually lead us through your home.


The next step is all about preparing your home.

Your new furry friend will need a quiet are just for itself. A spare bedroom is ideal for that but if that's not an option you can also set up the base camp in any quiet corner in your home where there is low traffic.

Fill your cat base camp with lots of comfy pillows and/or blankets, make sure there's some hiding areas and also place food dishes and a cat toilet in the base camp.

Moving in

You have just received your new family member. Please keep in mind that the cat just went through multiple vet visits as well as a long flight and following car ride, all of which is very stressful for a cat.

Please ensure that the cat gets enough rest and space right after moving in and make sure that everyone in your family knows about and respects this settling-in phase. 

General information about the adoption

Before we start...

We'll take care of the logistics. This means that

  • our local vet will implant the microchip and will issue a pet passport (travel document)
  • our local vet will execute the necessary medical treatments, such as vaccinations against rabies and de-worming.
  • our local vet will perform a necessary health check the day before the cat will travel to its new home. (this will be written down in the pet passport)
  • it's a standard procedure that we test the cats for FIV, Felv and Giardia. If you wish to have additional tests done please let us know and we will take care of it.

Neutering / Spaying

If the cat has an apporpriate age before adoption we will have the surgery performed before the adoption.

If you're interested in adopting a young cat that, because of its young age cannot be spayed/neutered at the time of adoption we will need written proof from the adopter that the surgery will be done as soon as the cat reaches the appropriate age (from five months of age).

Why are we so adamant about that: There is already an impossible high number of adoptable pets waiting in shelters for their forever home. As long as that is the case we think it's not fair regarding those pets to enable more kittens being born. Those kittens will either be adopted into a home that otherwise could have adopted a shelter cat or they will end up in a shelter themselves. Both contributes to the high number of homeless animals.


With a few exceptions all cats will already be familiar with the use of a litter box.

Vaccinations and deworming

All cats will be already vaccinated and recently dewormed upon adoption day.

If you are interested in adopting a very young kitten you might take the cat to your local vet to get its booster shot after it arrived at your home.


To make the transition from our stations to your home as easy as possible and also to prevent digestive issues we inform you what kind of food we feed our cats. If we bring the cat ourselves we will bring a small amount of food with us which you can use to transition the cat towards the food you would like to feed.

If your cat will be sent via pet shipper we, unfortunately, cannot send any food. In this case, we will let you know what kind of food the cat is used to so you can purchase the same

Transport to your home

There's a few options to bring your new furry friend to your home:

  • Either we ourselves or a flight parent can transport the cat with them on their flight, inside the cabin. This is the most economical and also easiest way of travel for your new cat.
  • We can also transport the cat via cargo. This is a good option in case the airline doesn't allow pets in the cabin or the limited spots for pets in cabin are already booked. With this option there will be additional costs for an airline approved flight crate. We have summarised all the costs for you here.
  • In case we can't travel ourselves and we weren't able to find a flight parent, we will send your cat via a professional pet shipper. We're working together with Annie's Animal Ark who came very highly recommended. There will be additional administration costs and also costs for the issuing of the export certificate TRACES. To find out more please click here.
  • Of course, there is always the option for you to travel to Cyprus yourself, visit our beautiful island and pick up your new family member yourself.


The whole process of adoption usually costs in between 200 - 250 Euro, summed up from implanting a microchip, issuing a travel document, vaccination and costs for the transport (airline costs as well as "home delivery" to your house.)

We will go through the costs with you for your individual case.

Previous vet bills (for example neutering, spaying or other treatments) will of course be covered by us.

Are you interested?