Detailed costs

Implant of a microchip

When issuing a travel document every animal needs to have a microchip implanted.


Travel document (EU pet passport)

To travel abroad the animal needs to have a valid travel document in which all of its vaccinations and other details are noted.


Vaccination against rabies

Most countries require a valid rabies shot before the import of an animal. Some countries additionally require a titer-test on top.


Veterinary costs altogether


Costs for the flight

The costs for the flight highly depend on the destination, season and whether a flight parent is available or not (€60 - €200)            

ca. €150


The TRACES certificate is an official document issued by the veterinary services with which an animal has permission to travel without its owner within the EU.


Home delivery (optional)

In case you cant pick up the cat from the airport we have to hire a professional pet transport to bring the cat to your home.

€0,10 - €0,50/km

Transport costs altogether


(+ potential home delivery)

Potential additional costs

  • €50 costs for a IATA approved transport crate. Usually the box is included in the flight price. However, if the cat is transported via a charter flight the crate must be purchased separately.