Elton - Louis ♂


Abandoned on the streets with three months Elton (now called Louis) now lives with cat mum Katrien and his two new "siblings" Basil and Miloe in Brussels, Belgium.

Katrien, a sweet belgian lady, saw Elton on our social media and knew instantly that he would be the perfect addition to her two lovely cat boys Basil and Miloe.

We managed to find a foster home for Elton in which he would stay two months before his big trip.

The escorted flight to Amsterdam left on September 17th 2021 and Elton's new human mum Katrien came all the way from Brussels to Amsterdam by train to pick him up.

After a long journey and waiting at the airport Elton finally arrived and both Katrien and Elton were exhausted during their train ride back to Brussels.

Elton had to be quarantined in Katrien's bathroom for the first week as he was currently overcoming a ringworm infection - a fungus that can spread between cats. Katrien applied ointment to Elton's bald spots every day and after one week he wasn't contagious anymore so that Katrien could introduce him to Basil and Miloe, who had been very eager to meet him.

The introduction went smoothly, all the cats were calm and we received photos of a happy Elton, cuddling on couch and bed with his forever human.

Katrien welcomed Elton into his forever home by giving him a new name: Louis!

Thank you so much Katrien for adopting him and giving him the best cat life ever!