Charlie ♂ - reserved


Charlie is best described in three words:

Affectionate, in need of love and long-tailed (that's how he got his nick name Mr. Longtail)

He demands full attention of his humans and isn't afraid to ask for it by rubbing against the humans legs while wrapping his long tail around them. With his sweet voice he lets us know that now is the time to concentrate on him. Extensive cuddling and lots of chin rubs are his favourite!

Charlie was born in July 2020. Right now he requires special sensitive food because of an irritated bowel. Our vet assured us though that his symptoms of bloatiness and soft stool will disappear with time due to the maturing process of his guts. Soon he can be transititoned back to regular cat food.

We would like to find a home for Charlie that already has one or more cats. He's very social and enjoys human but also feline contact. He's the perfect companion for a family as he's very gentle with children too.

Charlie can be kept indoors with no problems but he certainly would enjoy a cat proofed balcony for some naps in the sun.