Ozzy ♂


Ozzy was born in June 2019. He's cheeky and a daredevil but has a sweet side too.

He's a confident cat who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go for it. With his playfulness, he's definitely a fun character to be around, even though his play can get a bit rough sometimes and he tends to use his claws after a while.

Although he's such a fearless cat he seeks human company a lot. This need for closeness definitely increased since we had him neutered. Ozzy is no lap cat and doesn't like to be held closely but he loves to rub around his human's legs and enjoys extensive chin and head scratches. He even rolls over to present his belly and dares you to touch it. We recommend not do it, it's a trap.

Ozzy likes to roam and would be happy in a home that can provide him with outdoor entertainment. We would love to re-home him in a rural area where he can safely explore the outdoors without dangers like busy roads.

He would love to have pet company in his new home. Other pets though need to be confident too as to not get overwhelmed by our brave boy.

Kids are certainly no problem at all although they need to respect Ozzy's boundaries.

We are certain that he will thrive in a loving home and develop his cuddly side even more once he gains trust in his humans.