Betty ♀ - CKD - reserved


"Big Betty" is a jewel in our stations. She's calm and lovable and will certainly bring lots of joy to her forever human.

We don't know her exact age but estimate that she was born in summertime 2014. Betty's left ear is tipped, the symbol that she underwent the TNVR-programme to get spayed and vaccinated.

She's a comical character with a love for food - which explains her chubbyness (hence the nickname "Big Betty").

Betty doesn't like to be held or cuddled closely but she shows affection towards her human by rubbing around her legs and enjoying some chin and head scratches. She certainly is no lap cat but loves to curl up next to her human.

Betty doesn't need much to be happy, a warm and sunny spot where she can relax, a little bit of Cat TV (looking out of the window) and of course food, water and cuddling. Access to the outdoors is not necessary but she would certainly enjoy a cat-proof balcony to snooze away.

Betty thrives in a calm and quiet household with a fixed routine. She doesn't like commotion or loud noises, therefore we would advise against an adoption into a household with small children. She can be adopted in a multi-pet household as long as the existing pet(s) match her calm and independent character.