Dino ♂ - reserved


Calm and sensitive Dino was born in June 2019.

He's very affectionate and seeks human company. Although he loves cuddling and rubbing around his human's legs he needs his space. Holding him too close or picking him up is not to his liking and he wiggles until being let down. Never does he use his claws though. We're sure that with lots of love and patience this little "obstacle" can be overcome with time.

Dino is a submissive cat. He doesn't fight for food nor human attention so it's important to be watchful for that if he were to be adopted in a multi-cat household as we fear that he might fall short.

We would love to re-home him into a calm and quiet household. Kids are ok as long as they know how to handle cats and give him the space that he needs when he needs it.

Dino can live together with other pets if they have a similar character like him. An overly territorial or dominant pet isn't ideal due to Dino's subservience. Dino needs a calm space to retreat whenever he wants. For his personality to really unfold his new family needs to give him that space.

He can be an indoor cat if there's enrichment such as a cat-proof balcony for him.