Pablo ♂


Pablo "Pablitto" is a calm and quiet cat. Because of his submissive and friendly nature, he didn't have it easy with the other male cats at the station and got bullied around a lot. He tries to avoid conflicts as much as possible, even when there's food involved. He rather skips a meal than to fight for his spot at the food bar.

Our gentle and lean cat with the emerald green eyes and the characteristic spot on his upper lip loves to be cuddled but he needs some time to be comfortable with being picked up. Until he gained trust to his humans he doesn't like to be cuddled too closely and retreats if it gets too much for him. He is never aggressive though but merely walks away

We estimate that he was born in 2016, which makes him our oldest cat in the stations. Considering the fact that he spent his whole life outdoors his health status is supreme! There are no underlying conditions.

We're looking for a calm and loving home that gives Pablo the space that he needs and where he can just be himself. He can be an indoor cat and, after a short period of getting used to being indoors, even prefers it to roam outside.