Cindy ♀


Our beautiful tuxedo cat Cindy was born in July 2020.

When she was still a very young kitten she caught a nasty eye infection. Cindy used to be a very shy kitten which made treating her eye especially challenging. Because of that, she developed a minor complication in her left eye: The cornea got scarred from the infection which limits the ability to see with her left eye. The scar is visible, her eye looks cloudy.

Luckily, her right eye recovered fully from the infection and vision developed normally in that eye. Thanks to his, the visual impairment on her right eye doesn't give her much trouble and she behaves completely normal.

After spaying Cindy in December 2020 through TNVR (she received a tiny ear tip on her left ear) Cindy became more and more trusting and developed into a very affectionate and cuddly cat that loves to jump on her humans lap to demand attention.

Since she's still a kitten she's also very playful. She loves to "attack" our backpacks and "kill" her kicker toys.

Cindy loves to play with other cats. That's why we'd love to re-home her into a household with already existing cats. She can be adopted into multi-person households since she loves attention and the more humans tend to her the merrier. Children are fine.