Coco ♀


Coco is the youngest of our kittens, our nestling.

Without a mother and siblings, she was dumped at one of our stations at the beginning of November. Since she still had blue eyes at that time we estimated her birthday around the beginning of September 2021, which makes her our youngest kitten available for adoption.

Coco was too young to be separated from her mother and possible siblings and wasn't very much socialised when she first showed up. She was extremely shy with humans and kept her distance from the other cats.

With time she learned to trust and is carefully enjoying some cuddles now. She's currently in a foster home together with other overly friendly kittens (all older than her) that will help her overcome her last insecurities and to develop into a furry cuddle bug.

Coco will need some adaptation time in her new home until she fully trusts her new humans. We're asking her new adopters to bring tons of love and patience for her so she can fully develop her loving personality.

Coco can definitely be adopted into a multi-cat household, provided that the existing cats are calm and not dominant. She can also be adopted together with one of our other kittens. Get in touch with us and we gladly assist you with possible constellations.