Christy ♀


Christy was born in November 2021. That makes her our youngest cat available.

Like many others, Christy was dumped at one of our feeding stations - all alone without a mother nor siblings. Luckily, despite a minor flea infestation and some intestinal parasites, she was in good health and was able to be immediately vaccinated.

In the beginning, Christy was quite timid towards humans. She soon found out though how amazing a good chin rub feels and ever since she's seeking our company at all times.

Christy enjoys cuddling time on the lap.

The presence of other cats seems to give her confidence so we would love to see Christy either being rehomed with one of our other kittens or into a family that already has a (younger) cat with whom Christy can play and cuddle.

Christy makes a perfect indoor cat and she can travel into her new home within three weeks of contacting us.