Pixie ♀


Tabby kitten Pixie was born around the beginning of October 2021.

When she first showed up at one of our feeding stations she was all alone, so most likely someone had dropped her off there.

Pixie was mostly hiding from us and would only come out for food. Slowly she became more trusting and became more and more friendly every day until she eventually let us pet her and pick her up.

Pixie enjoys our company immensely. She rolls on the floor and let us pet her belly and loves to play.

Pixie would certainly thrive in a multi-cat household as she's used to being around other kittens. We would appreciate it if she could either be adopted with one of our other kittens or into a home that already has a cat/kitten.

Pixie makes a perfect indoor cat and she can travel into her new home within three weeks of contacting us.