Taffy ♀


Taffy is a calm and cuddly calibby cat - a mixture between a tabby cat and calico/tricolor.

She was born in June 2021 and was dropped off at our station anonymously at the end of September 2021. 

In the beginning, Taffy was rather shy towards us. She soon realised though that we meant no harm but instead - quite the contrary - provided her with excellent head scratches and cuddles! Ever since she enjoys being pet immensely and rolls over onto her back, exposing her belly, to take in all the affection.

Taffy has, like all kittens, a playful side but she's also calm and cautious. Her best friend Penguin has a very outgoing and brave personality and is encouraging her to try out new things.

Taffy and Penguin get along so well that we would love to rehome them as a couple.

In case you're interested in adopting a single cat, Taffy can be rehomed without Penguin, provided there's a playmate waiting for her in her forever home. The personality of the existing cat should be towards the calm side as Taffy can get intimidated by overly dominant cats.