Brownie ♀


Our friendly tabby cat Brownie is a true gem of our stations.

She's a cuddle bug and gets along with other very well, be it kitten or adult cats. She doesn't fight over food, isn't aggressive towards the other and avoids conflict. She's always up for cuddling, seeks closeness to the humans and loves to rub against peoples legs.

We estimate her birthdate to be somewhere in spring of 2017 and we believe that, due to her affectionate ways, she used to have a home and was either abandoned in the park or got lost.

As Brownie is so friendly she can be adopted into a household with other pets but also doesn't mind living as a single pet that gets undivided attention by her humans.

She can be held indoors but would love to have a cat proof fenced in balcony or yard where she can enjoy hours of sunbathing.