Jenna ♀ - FIV positive (reserved)


Our long-haired beauty Jenna was born in April 2019. She was once reserved to move into her forever home but, unfortunately, got tested positive for FIV, the feline immunodeficiency virus, which caused the adopter to back out of the adoption.

FIV is transmitted solemnly through body fluids (i. e. deep bites from an infected cat to a healthy cat, mating or transmission to kittens while still in the womb of the FIV positive mother cat.

Because Jenna is a very friendly cat, never aggressive, not to humans nor to other cats and because her littermates were tested negative we believe that she caught FIV when she got pregnant with her first and only litter at the beginning of 2020.

Afterwards, we managed to spay and vaccinate Jenna. Her left ear is tipped - a sign that she went through the  TNVR programme.

Jenna seems shy in the beginning but once she has gained trust in her human she enjoys extensive cuddling and rubbing around her human's legs. 

She dislikes loud noises as well as sudden movement and hides from any disturbances. That's why we recommend a forever home without children in which everyone gives her the peace and quietness she needs. Due to her illness, she should be kept indoors. A cat-proof balcony where she can enjoy the sun and watch the world go by would be ideal for her.

Jenna enjoys the company of other cats. Because the virus only spreads through body fluids an FIV positive cat can be kept together with other cats, even when the others are FIV negative. Jenna is a friendly, non-aggressive cat and opposes no risk to healthy cats.

Here you'll find more information on FIV.