Elmer ♂ - reserved


Elmer is a sensitive tabby boy with silky long fur. He was born at the end of May 2021.

Elmer takes some time until he warms up to people. At first, he's timid and easily scared of loud noises or sudden movements. It took us a few weeks until we got close to him but once he learns to trust his human he seeks their company.

He loves rubbing on our legs and follows us everywhere. Because of that, we're absolutely certain that Elmer will thrive in a forever home, that has lots of patience and love for him so he can settle and develop his sweet personality. We'd prefer adopting him in a household without children.

Elmer loves feline company and imitates their behaviour. He would certainly benefit from a companion in his new home that helps him overcome his shyness and that he can seek comfort from.

The perfect companion for him is his friend Miso. They know each other for several months now and are currently together in their foster home. Both Elmer and Miso help each other overcome their shyness and develop their full loving and sweet personality.

Elmer is neutered, chipped, fully vaccinated and ready to move into his loving forever home.