Luke ♂ - FIV positive - UK only

"Lucky Luke" is the only survivor out of a litter of four. He was born in March 2020 and is a real fighter! When he was just a newborn he had a severe eye infection caused by the feline herpes virus and in July 2021 he got tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

Luke underwent a long treatment with antibiotics and eye drops/eye ointment for his eye infection and therefore had to get used to humans handling him from the very beginning. Thanks to this both of his eyes could be saved and he recovered fully and without visual impairment.

The early and constant exposure to the human touch transformed the once shy kitten into a confident and friendly cat who walks up to humans without fear and demands cuddles. We have a daily greeting-ritual: He's calling for attention with a short, high-pitched "meow" before he offers his little head for a head bump and nose-kisses.

Currently, Luke lives together with his good friend Panda (also FIV positive) in a long-term foster home in Devon, UK and is waiting for his forever home. Because of this, he's listed for UK adoption only.

FIV is transmitted solemnly through blood (i. e. through deep bites from an infected cat to a healthy cat, during mating or passed onto unborn kittens in the womb of the FIV positive mother cat. Luke is a very friendly cat who never got into a fight with others. He was also neutered when he was a kitten. That's why we believe that the virus had been passed onto him through his mother.

Luke enjoys the company of other cats. Therefore it would be ideal to re-home Luke into a household with other FIV cats or together with his friend Panda. Luke is a friendly, non-aggressive cat and therefore can even be kept together with FIV negative cats without opposing a risk to their health.

His friendly and playful character will surely bring lots of joy into the daily life of his future family.

Here you'll find more information on FIV.