Mabel ♀


Mabel was abandoned at our stations at only 6 weeks old.

Besides an eye infection that was giving her trouble, she was healthy and after a week of care at the vet clinic her infection completely healed and Mabel made a full recovery.

She's a very playful kitten and a little rascal. Exploring and climbing are her favourite activities and nothings too high for her.

She's very friendly with other cats and loves to play with them. We'd love to re-home her into a household with an existing cat or together with one of our other kittens. Please contact us for possible constellations.

Mabel is currently in a foster home where she adapted well, is litter-trained and well socialised. She can be adopted into any kind of home as she's also great with kids.

Mabel can be an indoor-only cat if she gets enough playtime and attention from her humans.