Beanie ♂


Beanie, who was born in August 2020, got his name from the coat pattern on his head that makes it seem as if he's wearing a beanie.

Beanie is a very friendly cat who loves to cuddle and rub on the human's legs. More than once we accidentally tripped over him!

Besides being friendly and playful he's also quite easy to be scared. Sudden movements and loud noises startle him and one has to carefully approach him so as to not frighten him. Once Beanie trusts his human he can't get enough affection.

We'd love to find a quiet home for Beanie with patient humans that give him the time he needs to settle in and gain trust. In the beginning, Beanie has to be kept indoors. After an appropriate acclimatisation period, he also can have access to the outdoors. Ideally, Beanie gets adopted with a second cat or his forever home already has another cat, especially if it's a young cat who shares Beanie's enthusiasm for playtime.

If you're interested in adopting a second cat together with Beanie please contact us here and we help you with the selection process.