Oscar ♂


Ginger kitten Oscar is a very handsome and playful boy.

He was born in May 2021 and is one of the many abandoned kittens that suddenly showed up at our station. We don't know anything about his mother or possible singlings.

At first, Oscar was shy and hid from us. No wonder, being all alone in a strange environment at such a young age.

It didn't take long though until he warmed up to us and he turned into a playful and curious kitten.
"Feisty" is his middle name. He loves to play with the older kittens at the station and to pounce at his little ball - his favourite toy.

Oscar can move into any kind of household, doesn't matter if there are kids or not or if there's access to the outdoor or not.

He's a very active young kitten and needs plenty of stimuli in form of playtime and cat furniture to climb and scratch.

Since he's used to being around other cats he would certainly enjoy a feline companion in his forever home.