Peach ♀ - Chronic URT disease - reserved


Peach is a very special cat.

Most ginger cats are male so female gingers like Peach are few and far between.

Another thing that makes her special is that our beautiful ginger girl suffers from chronic upper respiratory tract disease, most likely due to a heavy viral plus bacterial infection when she was a kitten. The acute rhinitis got chronic and, although it's not contagious anymore, the condition causes a constantly blocked nose with discharge which gets worse during colder climate and also during allergy season in spring and early summer. For that, Peach frequently needs nebulizer treatment with a saline solution to help her get rid of the discharge. Peach is very cooperative with the treatment and it's easy to do. We kindly ask you though to please consult your veterinarian before you start her on a nebulizer treatment.

Because of her blocked nose, Peach is more prone to develop acute upper respiratory infections in which case she has to undergo antibiotic treatment until her body can fight off the infection. In those cases, antibiotics can be added to the nebulizer to help her overcome the infection (please consult with your veterinarian first!)

Besides that Peach is a very cuddly and friendly cat who loves to rub around the legs of her human and curl up next to them.

We estimate that Peach was born in autumn/winter of 2017 as that is the season most likely a kitten can catch an upper respiratory infection.Besides that, we don't know much about her history. She underwent the TNVR programme which left her ear tipped as a symbol that she's as spayed.

Peach needs to be kept indoors due to her condition as a change in climate and allergies worsen it. She can be adopted into a household with other cats as she's friendly and well socialised. Peach is a quiet cat who doesn't fight for her rights, therefore existing cats in her forever home shouldn't be overly dominant.

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