Penguin ♂


Our cute tuxedo boy Penguin is littermates with Karmel and was born in June 2021.

Together with his siblings, he was dropped off anonymously at our stations. Luckily, Penguin was in a good shape and only needed the standard treatment for kittens which includes an anti-flea and tick treatment as well as deworming to put him in excellent health.

Ever since then Penguin has developed into a confident and playful kitten who loves attention from his human.

He found his best friend outside of his litter. Calico Tabby kitten Taffy and he became very close and their opposite personalities, Taffy being quiet and calm and Penguin being playful and outgoing, complement each other perfectly.

We would love to rehome Penguin and Taffy together but also consider other options as long as Penguin will have a playmate in his new home. It's also possible to rehome Penguin with one of his littermates such as Karmel.

He can also be adopted into a household with kids.