Roda ♀


Roda is a cuddly and gentle girl who's winning over anybody's heart in no time - thanks to her loving and warm personality.

Roda was born in May 2021 and was found on the side of a busy road by one of our volunteers. She brought her to our station and Roda settled in quickly. Luckily, besides the sniffles, Roda was healthy.

Roda has a quiet character. She's not intrusive at all but she loves human attention and cuddles. She likes to bury her little head into our hands while enjoying being pet and reassuring us with a lot of purring.

Roda gets along with other cats very well if the others are not too dominant as that can be intimidating for our sensitive girl.

She can also be adopted into a family with kids.

Since birth, Roda is missing two of her front teeth, one on the upper jaw and one on the lower. This is only an optical flaw though as it doesn't cause Roda any kind of trouble.