Biscuit ♀


Our beautiful Biscuit was with us for one and a half years before she finally moved to her forever home in London.

Biscuit is one of the most affectionate cats we ever had in our stations. She loves cuddling with her beloved ones and sleeping on their laps for hours. We immediately knew that whoever would decide to welcome Biscuit as a new family member would be in excellent company with her.

In January 2021 Gee and Titto, a couple from England, contacted us. They had fallen in love with Biscuit and now wanted to make every effort in order to bring Biscuit home to them.

Until then we had never rehomed a cat to the UK and initially, it seemed impossible to do so. There were just too many obstacles due to Brexit and the Covid 19 pandemic. But Gee and Titto did everything they could to adopt our sweetheart and with the help of a pet shipper and a pet relocator from England, we finally managed to arrange her transport abroad. On 11 March 2021, Biscuit flew together with three of our other cats (Kevin and his sisters Dina and Foxy) to the UK. The next day Gee and Titto were finally allowed to go get Biscuit from the airport.

Biscuit was exhausted from the long journey and slept all day in her new home, but already the next day we received photos of her playing and bonding with her new humans. On the third day, she made them understand that their laps were now in her possession and it became a routine to sleep and cuddle with them for hours.

She knows how to get what she wants, be it playing or cuddling, and has wrapped everyone in the house around her finger (or paw).

A real princess who is finally in her palace!

Many thanks to Gee and Titto for all your efforts!