Chickpea - Cookie ♀


After living in our cat stations for almost one year our gorgeous calico kitten Chickpea finally moved into her forever home in Germany and received a new forever name: Cookie

We had a very special bond with Cookie. She is one of the few cats we knew since the day she was born and therefore know her whole story.

Cookie was born on May 14th, 2020. We followed her through her entire kittenhood and were happy to see Cookie growing up becoming a confident and trusting cat that is not afraid of humans and who fearlessly faces anything new.

After a persistent Giardia infection when she was just four months old and which took her several weeks to overcome, Cookie sometimes had recurring diarrhoea and was prone to worm infestation. As she grew up her gut lining matured and Cookie was able to overcome her digestive issues and was since then ready for adoption.

In March 2021 a family from the Cologne area in Germany contacted us and voiced interest in adopting Cookie. We got in contact with our pet shipper and found out that there was a charter flight planned to leave Cyprus by the end of April 2021 to bring hundreds of animals to the Netherlands from where they'd be moving into their forever homes.

We managed a spot for Cookie and she departed Cyprus early in the morning on April 22nd. After arriving in Maastricht her new family picked her up and together they travelled back to Germany, a roughly 45-minute car ride.

At home, Cookie met her new siblings Katniss and Marble, two rescue cats that the family had adopted previously. These two now need to get used to the lively addition to the family whilst Cookie has already settled in as if she'd always been with them. - We never expected anything different from our fearless calico cat.

You can follow the adventures of Cookie and her adoptive sisters on Instagram, their handle is @ 3cats_and_2birds.

We want to sincerely thank Dagmar and her family to not only give Cookie such a perfect home but also for the fact, that she's the third rescue cat that they decided to adopt.