Coconut ♀


We had been hoping for a long time to find a home for our Coconut before she finally moved into one in Cyprus.

Our sweetheart had suffered a lot from parasites and thus it was necessary to get her out of the park and into a loving home as quickly as possible.

A swollen tummy and recurring diarrhea were proof that Coconut's intestinal tissue had suffered a lot. Only slowly were we able to provide remedy with medication and special nutrition.

Via Facebook Coconut's story drew the attention of a young man living in the area. He knew of a family who wanted to adopt a kitten and put us into contact with them. A couple of days later we met up with the family to talk about the details.

Coconut moved into her new home nearby our station, so we can visit her anytime. She now lives in a house with a big garden and helps her family with gardening.

Her digestive problems have disappeared in the meantime and she is a healthy and happy kitten.