Emma ♀


We would have never thought that our beautiful Emma would stay with us that long... But eventually she found her Happy End in Belgium.

Emma was born in springtime 2019, a gorgeous calico girl with long hair. She has been friendly towards humans since the very beginning and we believed that it wouldn't be hard to find a home for such a beautiful cat.

Sadly, we were proven wrong. Last years adoption rate was very low and soon Emma was no longer in the prime adoption time and all grown up.

It is thanks to our volunteer Katerina who lives abroad and her determination that finally, Emma had her happy end.

After many talks, Katerina's boyfriend Vic, who lives in Belgium, eventually decided to adopt Emma. Vic had met Emma before on one of his visits to our island and he fell in love with her immediately. Katerina didn't have much convincing to do.

We managed to find a flight parent for her and a few weeks later she was ready for the big trip to Belgium.

Emma was very calm during the whole flight. She enjoys human company immensely and therefore wasn't stressed at all as she had her flight parent by her side.

After landing Emma spend some nights with her flight parent before Katerina picked her up and took her the rest of the way to her boyfriend.

Our beautiful calico settled in quickly after arrival in her forever home and we received photos of Emma and her human cuddling together the day after.

Thank you so much Katerina for your determination to find a home for Emma. 

And of course, thank you Vic for adopting Emma and giving her the forever home she deserves.