Kevin ♂


Our self-confident, beautiful Kevin found a home near London.

When Yasmin and Craig contacted us to express their interest in our black beauty, we immediately knew that they would be the perfect cat parents. Almost every day they sent us messages about having bought new equipment such as cat beds and a cat tree in order to provide the perfect home for Kevin.

Until then, we had never rehomed a cat to the UK and initially, it seemed impossible to do so. There were just too many obstacles due to Brexit and the Covid 19 pandemic. But Yasmin and Craig did everything they could to adopt our sweetheart and with the help of a pet shipper and a pet relocator from England, we finally managed to arrange his transport abroad. On 11 March 2021, Kevin flew together with three of our other cats (Biscuit and the siblings Dina and Foxy) to the UK.

The next day we received photos of our curious Kevin, who bravely explored his new home and proudly posed on his new cat furniture. We wouldn't have expected anything else from our confident boy!

Kevin is now the prince of his castle with his humans as his servants. He is a very active cat who enjoys his intense cuddle sessions with Yasmin and Craig and always seeks to be near them.

We wish to sincerely thank them for all their efforts in providing Kevin with such a great home. Big thanks also to Kevin's foster parent Irina, who looked after them for several months and with her involvement in the adoption process paved the way to their forever home in England.

We couldn't have thought of any better end to this challenging, but extremely rewarding story.