Kodiak - Tigri ♂


Kodiak has been living in Berlin since 3 December 2020 and is now called Tigri!

On 2 November 2020, he and his brothers Panda and Grizzly were dumped in a paper bag at our station. They were only nine weeks old. Panda and Grizzly were in a very bad state. They suffered from cat flu and were emaciated. We took them immediately to the vet clinic.

Unfortunately, Panda died a couple of days later due to pneumonia and Grizzly had difficulties recovering. He was taken in by a cat shelter in Larnaca and rehomed a couple of days later, so in the end, there was only Kodiak left.

Cody was very shy towards us at the beginning, but not for long. When he noticed that we offered him food and cuddles, he started trusting us and soon became a real lap and snuggle kitty.

We immediately noticed how uncomplicated Cody was. There was nothing you couldn't do with him. We could give him medicine without any problems and he didn't mind us picking him up on our arms; he actually really enjoyed being close to people.

A cat that uncomplicated and trustfully towards humans needs a home, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we didn't have much hope to find cat parents anytime soon. Kittens are easier to rehome than adult cats and we feared missing out on the "golden" opportunity before he grew up.

On 23 November 2020, however, we received an email from a couple from Berlin. And what an email that was!

We were so moved by Elke and Sami's message. They wrote to us that in summer they had to let go of their beloved cat Kati from Greece. He had been ill for a very long time. They were in deep sorrow but at the same time determined to give a home to another cat from the Mediterranean area, So they googled to find adoptable cats from Greece and Cyprus and found our page.

Elke and Sami had attached many photos from them together with their cat Kati and even sent us a video of their flat. We thought it was great how open and active they were, especially as we weren't able to meet them in person during the pandemic. We were fully convinced by the photos, videos and their vet's reference and knew that their new furry family member would move into a little paradise with a high cat tree, secured balcony and even a garden! And a fancy restaurant was waiting for our boy because Elke and Sami knew how to cook for cats and thus only the most delicious meals would find their way on his plate.

From the beginning, it was out of the question that they would receive one of our darlings. The question was who would be the lucky one.

Elke and Sami told us about their holidays with their cat Kati in their own camper. The photos showed a relaxed cat with a harness, who made trips to the beach and sunbathed in front of the camper. Elke and Sami's wish was to have such holidays with their future cat as well. They wanted to have an uncomplicated cat who didn't mind trips with their camper, getting trained on wearing a harness and being lifted up. A real prince and they deserved one.

We thought about our little, uncomplicated Cody. He immediately got used to wearing a harness and didn't mind being in a car. The perfect cat for the perfect cat family had been found!

Elke and Sami decided within a couple of days to adopt our Cody. And already on 29 November 2020, Cody flew to Germany and met his new family a couple of days later.

Cody had surprised us again and again during this time. He was very calm when the vet clinic prepared him for his trip and also during the entire flight. Cody quickly got used to his new temporary home before his new mum picked him up on December 3rd 2020.

Elke came all the way from Berlin to Augsburg by train to pick up their new family member at our place. As Cody is a curious, smart and open pal, we received photos of him sleeping on Elke's lap without complaining a single time during the entire train ride. Elke and Sami were totally happy, just like us.

When Cody arrived at his new place, he received his forever name: Tigri!

Since then we have been in close contact with the three of them and every day we receive new photos and videos of Tigri and his adventures. He has fully integrated into the new environment and brings his parents a lot of joy.