Margie ♀


Margie (pet form for Margot) was luckily only with us for a short time before she moved into a loving home in Nicosia, Cyprus.

One day she appeared out of nowhere in our cat station and behaved as if she had always been there.

She was very human-oriented from the beginning and a little cut on her ear indicated that she had been neutered in the TNVR programme.

Margie had probably belonged to another cat colony before and was looked after by people, but she wanted to stay with us and so we took her in.

After just two weeks a family from Nicosia discovered Margie and visited her several times. They were captured by Margie's friendliness and took her home on 16 January 2021 after the usual adoption process.

Only a few hours after Margie's adoption we received photos of her relaxing on the lap of her humans and enjoying their cuddles. Adorable Margie really deserves this Happy End.

Big thanks to Marina and her family for giving Margie such a wonderful home.