Samu ♂


Samu hit the jackpot and will stay forever with his foster mum.

We found our little black-and-white darling freezing, soaking wet and with a severe respiratory infection in our park after a stormy night at the end of November 2020. Next to him was his dead sibling.

We immediately took Samu to the vet clinic, where he was warmed and received antibiotics. When he was in a better state, Samu moved into his foster home, where he continued receiving treatment for several weeks.

Samu caught a sturdy virus during the cold and rainy night outside and he risked losing his life several times, but the little fighter didn't give up and won against the virus in the end.

In addition, his foster mum Koula fell so much in love with the little one that she decided to keep him.

Now Samu lives a happy and fulfilling cat life with his two "siblings" Tiffy and Pops near our cat stations.