Toyota ♂


In September 2021 one of our cat carers found Toyota the engine kitten in, you guessed it, the engine of her Toyota car and brought him to our stations.

He was a healthy, playful kitten and immediately settled in nicely but then tragedy hit.

One morning we found Toyota limping and with a swollen hind leg.

The trip to the vet clinic confirmed that he had a complicated tibia and fibula fracture of his left hind leg and needed reconstructive surgery.

We posted about him on our Facebook Page. Click the link below to read the story and see the X-Rays.

During the surgery, two metal pins were implanted into Toyota's leg that helps keep it straight and ensure that it is healing in the correct position.

After surgery, a lengthy recovery period followed. We had to make sure that Toyota wouldn't put too much weight and strain on his operated leg and therefore had to be kept inside a crate. It wasn't easy for such a playful kitten but we made sure that he still had plenty of stimulation and playtime while respecting the limitation given by the vet.

Toyota's recovery went without any complications and his fracture healed perfectly. He's now allowed to run around and climb and do anything that kittens like to do. There will be no permanent impairment and his new family doesn't need to take any special precautions.

He enjoys the company of other cats and loves to play. We would like to either re-home Toyota with one of our other kittens or into a home where there's already a playmate waiting for him.