Peach - "Mrs Sniffles" ♀


Adopting a chronically ill cat? It's difficult, but not impossible! Especially when there are kind people like Moni and Tobi from Cologne, Germany who were looking to adopt a new family member that nobody else wanted to have...

Peach is a little fluffy dream. She's affectionate, cuddly and very fixated on her humans. She has a kind and quiet character, chatty at times, silky soft fur and a very special creamy-orangy colour which is especially rare in female cats.

But Peach is also chronically ill - she has chronic cat flu which was caused by an old infection with the feline calicivirus and manifests in a constantly blocked nose and a weakened immune system. Therefore, Peach is more prone to catching infections and illnesses.

To manage her condition Peach has to receive a daily nebulizer treatment, has to have regular check ups at the vet and her vaccinations must be up-to-date at all times. She also needs to be kept indoors to minimize the climatic impact on her condition (spring and summer time = allergies, autumn and winter = cold and wetness).

Who would want to adopt such a cat? "We do!" said Moni and Tobi from Cologne, Germany. They were looking for a cat just like her. A cat that otherwise wouldn't have found a home.

They adopted Tom cat Poldi, a purebred Main Coon cat, in the beginning of 2020 and wanted a playmate for their furry baby. This time they were determined to adopt from an animal rescue organisation and to specifically look for a cat, that hasn't had it easy in her life. "A cat that no one else wants", Moni said literally.

Peach is exactly that cat and we arranged her flight to Germany on December 6th 2021. Shortly after arrival Moni and Tobi had to take Peach to her first vet visits: A dental surgery and also a nasal swab had to be done to determine, which other microorganisms were causing Peach such difficulty breathing. 

Peach was in bad shape when she arrived but thanks to Moni and Tobi's endless care she recovered well from the travel and vet stress. Now she's a happy cat and is getting more and more confident each day.

The nebulizer treatment became a daily ritual and Peach is tolerating it like a champ.

Her new "brofur" Poldi is always by her side.

In regards to Peaches constant runny nose, they nicknamed her Mrs Sniffles or short "Sniffy".

Thanks to such wonderful adopters Sniffy will live a long and happy life in her forever home. Moni and Tobi are living proof that, despite all the trouble that come with adopting a chronically ill pet, the many rewards outweigh the difficulties tenfold. Sniffy shows her gratitude by giving them endless affection and making biscuits on their bodies.

Moni and Tobi are also long-term donators to our little organisation and we cannot thank these two enough for all the things they did for us and our cats.

You can follow the adventures of brofur Poldi and soon of Sniffy on Instagram: