Project "UK-Fosterhome" - Part 2


We're happy to say that the adoptions of our lovely kittens in the UK are going well!

One-eyed Peppa (now officially named Ophelia Charalambous by her adopters), Oreo, Karmel and Penguin were already adopted!

That leaves two kitties in the foster home and plenty of space for the next batch! But more to that later.

First let's indulge in some lovelies photos of the kittens in their new homes because there isn't anything more rewarding than this and Happy Ends like this is why we do what we do.

Peppa is enjoying a snooze in her new home. She's already the Queen of the house and now has tons of cat siblings and even a dog to play with!

Oreo (grey and white) and Karmel (ginger) got adopted together! They've always been good friends and we couldn't be happier about them finding a home together

And lastly, we've got Penguin, our tuxedo boy.

Penguin has been adopted only a few days ago. So far he has settled in well and is getting more confident every day. He also has a new brother in his home. In the second photo, you can see him getting along with Dave.

Only Taffy and Roda are left from the first batch. Roda is already reserved for a lovely woman who adores her and we're confident that Taffy will find her Happy End soon.

Since our foster home in the UK has already successfully rehomed so many of our kittens we're ready to send in the next batch!

Meet Toyota and Coco!

These two gorgeous fluff balls will travel on December 11th 2021 and definitely won't stay long until they find loving adopters!

With each flight, we're struggling more and more financially. Everything is paid out of our own pockets but what else are we supposed to do?

The cold and rainy season is upon Cyprus now and we can't leave vulnerable kittens out in the streets, with all the dangers of catching an infection, getting into accidents or being poisoned by horrible people who see the street cats as vermin.

Please help us to continue saving as many of Nicosia's stray kittens by donating to our fundraiser and/or sharing it!

You'll find it here:

Every little helps!