Charlie ♂


Charlie found his forever home with a loving family in northern Germany, and now has plenty of other rescued furry friends.

Charlie stayed with us for over one year until he found his happy end.

A German family was looking for an older cat that hasn't been lucky yet in terms of finding a home. They fell in love with our beautiful boy Pablo.

The family was asking for a cat to adopt together with Pablo and we suggested Charlie.

Both of them were then prepared for the journey into their forever home but shortly before leaving, Pablo suddenly passed away at the veterinary clinic for no apparent reason.

It was a shock for all of us, including the adopters. Nonetheless, they still wanted to go through with Charlie's adoption and, after all the trauma, provide him with the love and care that he deserves.

On January, 23rd Charlie left Cyprus to Frankfurt and from there was brought all the way up to Hanover by car.

After just a few days Charlie had already settled in beautifully in his new home, slowly making friends with his new furry siblings: Rescue cats Puszek and Pepa and rescue dogs Ellie and (yes, the same name) Charlie.

We couldn't be happier for Charlie to have found his forever home with so many furry friends to play and cuddle with.

The perfect happy end for a perfect cat!

Thank you to Frauke and her family for adopting our loving boy.