Dino ♂


Calm and sensitive Dino waited long for a happy end but eventually found his forever human in Aachen, Germany.

Dino has always been one of our most loveable cats and it pained us greatly that we couldn't find a home for him.

We didn't know why there was no one interested in him: Dino is loving, cuddly, very well behaved and socialised and a quiet and easy-going cat.

Only in the fall of 2021, when Dino was already two years old, did our volunteer Katerina find a lovely lady named Elke who saw Dino's sweet personality through the photos of him and decided to give him the loving home that he needs and deserves.

Dino left Cyprus on October 23rd 2021 in a luxurious way: As "pet in-cabin" he flew together with volunteer Katerina who hosted him for a few days in her own home before she delivered him first-hand to his forever human Elke. It couldn't get less stressful.

Just four days after Dino arrived in his new home we received photos of him relaxing and grooming himself.

Dino's Happy End finally happened and we couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much Katerina, not only for finding him a forever home but for escorting him all the way there and thank you Elke for adopting our kind boy.