Jenna ♀ - FIV positive


Our long-haired beauty Jenna found a forever home close to Frankfurt in Germany that gives her all the patience and love that she needs.

It's difficult to find homes for FIV positive cats but it's especially important for them to be adopted. Due to their more vulnerable immune system FIV positive cats are prone to catching infections and life on the streets therefore can be dangerous for them and for other cats who can get infected with FIV themselves or then catch the infections spread by sick FIV cats.

With proper care and regular vet visits FIV cats can live as long as healthy cats and in many cases the virus stays dormant and the cats live without symptoms.

Thank God there are wonderful people out there. People like Kyra and Holger from Germany. The lovely couple didn't think twice about adopting an FIV positive cat and after some video calls we arranged her flight for October 10th, 2021

At first, Jenna had trouble settling in. She acted shy and hid from her new humans.

Kyra and Holger had endless patience and in the end, their hard work paid off. Jenna started to become more and more curious about her new home and opened up more and more to her new family.

One week later, we received the first photos of Jenna, sitting in plain sight of her humans and another ten days later, the ice was broken and Jenna enjoyed her first cuddles.

Ever since their bond is getting stronger and stronger. Jenna is in paradise and gets showered with love and affection 24/7.

We want to thank Kyra and Holger for giving an FIV positive cat a chance and for being such patient and loving cat guardians.

Also a big thank you to our flight parent Manfred, who brought Jenna safe and sound from Cyprus to Frankfurt, Germany.

Jenna seems shy in the beginning but once she has gained trust in her human she enjoys extensive cuddling and rubbing around her human's legs. 

She dislikes loud noises as well as sudden movement and hides from any disturbances. That's why we recommend a forever home without children in which everyone gives her the peace and quietness she needs. Due to her illness, she should be kept indoors. A cat-proof balcony where she can enjoy the sun and watch the world go by would be ideal for her.