Jojo ♂


Initially, Jojo was planned to be part of a big rescue flight to the UK. But then Gabriella, a kind lady from Berlin, Germany, fell in love with our cute ginger. boy

After being dumped in one of our feeding stations, all by himself, we managed to find a foster home for Jojo and some other kittens. We were planning on sending him to a rescue foster in the UK in the beginning of January 2022, like we used to before by the end of 2021. From there, he and the other kittens would eventually be rehomed into forever homes.

But then Covid hit the island and the UK again and flights became scarce once more. Jojo had to stay in Cyprus longer than anticipated. That turned out to be a happy coincidence then Gabriella from Berlin contacted us in the beginning of 2022 after seeing his photo on social media and falling in love with him.

Since we had planned that Jojo would travel to the UK in the beginning of January, he was basically ready to travel immediately when Gabriella contacted us. Thankfully we found a flight parent who would take Jojo in the cabin with her all the way to Berlin, Germany.

Jojo departed in the morning of January 30th 2022 and was picked up by his forever human in Berlin.

It didn't take long for him to leave his travel box and explore his new home. Quickly every room was discovered and since then, we receive photos of a happy and relaxed Jojo, lying belly up on every soft surface imaginable!

Thanks to the bad Covid situation Jojo is now happy in his forever home.

Thank you so much Gabriella for adopting our beautiful ginger boy.

Also, a big thank you to Ella's Blind Cats Sanctuary who fostered Jojo for such a long time and to Ashley, his flight parent, who stepped up and took Jojo with her from Cyprus to Berlin.