Luke ♂


"All good things are worth waiting for." - This saying has never more true than in the case of FIV positive cat Luke and his forever home with Lauren in Torquay, England.

What ups and downs we had with Luke!

As a young kitten, he and his only sister Leia battled a hefty eye infection caused by the feline herpes virus which sadly cost Leia's life and almost his eyesight. Thankfully, Lucky Luke responded well to the treatment and his eyes recovered completely.

Then Luke had the chance of moving into a professional foster home in the UK together with his best friend Ivy and be rehomed together from there. That's when we found out that Luke was FIV positive and that he couldn't stay together with his FIV negative bestie Ivy.

Ivy left for the UK and found his happy end and Luke had to stay behind.

Eventually, we found a foster home of the Feline Network Cat Rescue in Devon, England, specialised on rehoming FIV cats. In September 2021 they took him and one of our other FIV positive cats, Panda, in.

Panda got adopted fairly soon after he arrived at the foster home, but Luke, again, got left behind.

It was only in January 2022 that lovely Lauren from Torquay found him through Facebook and fell in love with this gentle soul.

Lauren was prepared for what it takes to adopt an FIV positive cat and she provides Luke with a safe indoor home and lots of care. Luke got adopted on January 29th 2022 and just a few hours after he arrived in his new home we received photos of Lauren and Luke lying together, cuddling.

Luke now lives in the lap of luxury and has a rescue-dog sister from Mexico, whom he gets along with brilliantly!

Thank you so much Lauren for taking in our little Cyprus gem!

And thank you Debbie and Lou from the "Feline Network Cat Rescue" for fostering Luke and finding the perfect home for him.

A home worth waiting for!