Project "UK-Fosterhome" - Part 1


Those who follow us on Social Media are aware that we recently teamed up with a private foster in Buntingford, England, who re-homes cats and dogs through a local charity called "RATS Animal Rescue" (Re-homing Animal Telephone Service).

We were able to already send six of our rescue kittens to foster mum Julie on November 12th 2021.

The flight, organized by the "Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus" Charity (SPDC), was a giant project and brought 99 dogs and cats to their new homes or to foster homes in the UK.

These were the six lucky kittens that we booked on the first flight

The flight left Larnaca airport on November 12th, at night, and arrived in LiƩge, Belgium, early in the morning.

From there all animals were loaded into vans and a two-hour drive to Calais, France, began where the vans boarded the train to pass the Eurotunnel and entered the UK shortly after.

Thanks to the wonderful preparation and organisation of the SPDC everything went smoothly. Our kittens arrived at their final destination Buntingford in the early afternoon on November 13th

For some impressions on the airport, the belly of the cargo plane and van transport please click here to access a photo album on Google Photos.

Our six rescues will be re-homed within the UK.

If you're interested please contact us and we will get you in touch with the adoption agency. Alternatively, feel free to contact the RATS Animal Rescue directly.

We're extremely thankful to foster mum Julie for taking our babies in and for RATS to help us with finding homes for them.

Five kittens are still waiting for their ticket to the UK. As soon as some of the first six kittens are re-homed we will be able to continue with the remaining.

Re-homings like this are extremely costly, especially because we don't deal with adopters directly to cover flight and vet costs.

Everything is paid privately by us.

We need help with these immense costs and ask for your donation

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There you'll be able to make a contribution and/or share the fundraiser.

Every little helps, every Cent allows us to plan further flights for our rescues. Please consider donating.

Thank you.