Success stories

Jojo ♂


Initially, Jojo was planned to be part of a big rescue flight to the UK. But then Gabriella, a kind lady from Berlin, Germany, fell in love with our cute ginger. boy

Luke ♂


"All good things are worth waiting for." - This saying has never more true than in the case of FIV positive cat Luke and his forever home with Lauren in Torquay, England.

Charlie ♂


Charlie found his forever home with a loving family in northern Germany, and now has plenty of other rescued furry friends.

Adopting a chronically ill cat? It's difficult, but not impossible! Especially when there are kind people like Moni and Tobi from Cologne, Germany who were looking to adopt a new family member that nobody else wanted to have...

Tom ♂


On November 13th Tom embarked on his great adventure to meet his new parents Laura and Chris in Birmingham, England.

Dino ♂


Calm and sensitive Dino waited long for a happy end but eventually found his forever human in Aachen, Germany.

Our long-haired beauty Jenna found a forever home close to Frankfurt in Germany that gives her all the patience and love that she needs.



From mediterranean islander to northerner - "Tinki" now live with her forever humans Nina and Ole and "sisfur" Fee on the german coast of the baltic sea.

Abandoned on the streets with three months Elton (now called Louis) now lives with cat mum Katrien and his two new "siblings" Basil and Miloe in Brussels, Belgium.