Success stories

After living in our cat stations for almost one year our gorgeous calico kitten Chickpea finally moved into her forever home in Germany and received a new forever name: Cookie

Emma ♀


We would have never thought that our beautiful Emma would stay with us that long... But eventually she found her Happy End in Belgium.

Dina and Foxy have been very close from the beginning. They love playing and cuddling with each other, so separating them had never been an option. When Lauren and Chris from London got in touch with us to adopt a cat couple, we immediately thought of Foxy and Dina.

Kevin ♂


Our self-confident, beautiful Kevin found a home near London.

Biscuit ♀


Our beautiful Biscuit was with us for one and a half years before she finally moved to her forever home in London.

Margie ♀


Margie (pet form for Margot) was luckily only with us for a short time before she moved into a loving home in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Coconut ♀


We had been hoping for a long time to find a home for our Coconut before she finally moved into one in Cyprus.

Samu ♂


Samu hit the jackpot and will stay forever with his foster mum.

Katie ♀


Katie found a loving home here in Nicosia.

Kodiak has been living in Berlin since 3 December 2020 and is now called Tigri!